This space serves a launching-pad to propel you towards the path of life through healing and thriving. You owe it to yourself to cleanse, nourish & embody the ONE you truly are.

Here, you will find Herbal Products, Detox Group Immersions, Workshops, Masterclasses & E-Books where you learn the foundations of detoxification & nourishment.

May you care to be the progression of those you've came through. See you inside!


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This morning I had the "blood tea,” then the detox tea and the cough syrup last night. My nose stopped running IMMEDIATELY after I took it! I'm so excited!

Crystal (Cleansing kit & Elderberry Kit)

The plan Angelique mapped out for me wasn't only thorough, it went above and beyond what I could've ever expected! It is completely holistic - covering
all aspects, mind, body AND spirit - in a gorgeous Feminine way that resonates with me deeply. I LOVE all my recommendations from Angelique, and they're actually a joy to add to my self-care routine. Whether it's foods, supplements, prayers, essences .. you name it, they all make me feel Divinely nourished.

Caitlin (Fertile Flow Immersion)